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Local pollinator advocate receives kudos

Congrats to Katherine M. Kosiba of Colchester, Connecticut, who recently was the first recipient of the University of Connecticut Extension Master Gardener Project Pollinator Award! 

The sign at the Butterfly Pollinator Garden at the Cohen Woodlands, in this file photo from 2014.

Presented by the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources at the University of Connecticut, Kosiba was recognized for her long-time involvement in pollinator gardening projects in the community. 

Of her many community involvements, in 2014 she led the renovation and expansion of the Butterfly Pollinator Garden at Cohen Woodlands. This location was updated to become a haven for butterflies, including the addition of extra pollinator plants, puddling stations and shrubs for windbreak. I first met Katherine at this time, where she provided a tour of the garden and offered tips for residents on attracting butterflies. Click here to read the post.

Read the news brief in the July 8, 2022 edition of the Rivereast News Bulletin (page 12). 


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