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Create a home-based habitat garden for birds with this new book

I have exciting news! I've been working on my second book,  which is now available for preorder: "Bird-Friendly Gardening: Guidance and Projects for Supporting Birds in Your Landscape." 

The book will include native plant selections that will attract a variety of birds to various continental U.S. gardens. With hundreds of North American bird species facing population decline or at risk of extinction, right now is the perfect time to create a home-based habitat garden that offers birds the resources they need to safely feed, migrate, breed, and thrive.

Find out more information about this upcoming gardening title at the Quarto website. The book is available for preorder now - you can order a signed copy through my neighborhood independent bookstore, River Bend Bookshop.  

Originally published May 4, 2023. Updated Aug. 31, 2023.


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