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"Bird-Friendly Gardening" takes flight in media and podcast features


HGTV: "Grow Native Plants for a Bird-Friendly Garden", by Lynn Coulter. Whether you've got a big garden, a small space or a single container, grow a bird garden with natives that attract cardinals, wrens and other beautiful birds. (April 19, 2024)

Screen capture of the HGTV article, Grow Native Plants for a Bird-Friendly Garden

Amazon Editors' Picks: "Get your hands dirty with these inspirational, and instructional, gardening books" by Seira Wilson. One of my favorite things about a garden is watching the birds, bees, and butterflies enjoying it too—and these invaluable critters need us more than ever. This book is so easy to understand and use, with sections for small, medium, and large spaces, and covering pretty much any conditions you might need, including condo-friendly plantings and how to create a hummingbird haven on your balcony or patio. (April 12, 2024)

Screen capture of write up on "Bird-Friendly Gardening"


Big Blend Radio Show - March 22, 2024:

Joey and Holly Show - April 13, 2024
Seg 3 of S8E7 Guest Author Jennifer McGuinness 

Seeds and Weeds Podcast
Season 2 - May 8, 2024

#985 May 12, 2024

Bird-Friendly Gardening With Jen McGuinness, Ep 239

Coming June 3: The Thing with Feathers Podcast


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