Shopping for bulbs

What have you been buying for spring bulbs? I've been dog-earring and making lists of bulbs I want - and I'm running out of time to order - at least for the best selection. (In the past I've ordered from White Flower Farms (WFF) and last year I tried out John Scheepers. I've been happy with both, but "The Works" daffodil collection from WFF is a little more expensive now.)

On Monday I took the impulsive jump and started purchasing bulbs from area garden centers.  Here's my loot:
Vanguard Crocus
Zurel Tulip
Burgundy Tulip

I'm on a purple flower kick it seems! I'm planning on planting all of the above (about 10 bulbs of each) in the new butterfly-shaped garden that is out front. Since the tulips are late spring, I hope it will help transition into the David Austin roses planted there.

And of course, I couldn't leave out the daffodils. I ended up going back to the store to snag the last one of these daffodil collections (shown below). At first I thought I didn't want a mix, but then 100 bulbs for $31.99 is pretty good... so we'll see how it comes out!

I still may get a few more ... if I can whittle down that list!


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