Freeze Warning and Back to Normal March Weather

The pear trees were wrapped as best as I could to protect their early blossoms.
After a week of summer-like weather, last Monday and Tuesday our area was notified with a deep freeze warning. I spent the better part of my Monday battling the windy weather and wrapping various plants in frost protection clothes, including my poor pear trees, above. Upon arriving home, I told my husband why I was doing what I did.

"Oh?" He asked. "I just figured it was only our plants on the block that were cold."

Ah, dry humor.

Anyway,  luckily, it turned out not to be AS bad as they said, but it still was pretty cold. The only plant that seemed to suffer a little was the new growth on the butterfly bush- I didn't even think to cover that! Despite the warnings to not do so, I did leave the clothes on top of the plants (unless it was the old sheets) to endure the second cold night as well.

And when I uncovered them on Wednesday afternoon- the pear tree blossoms were safe!


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