Unseasonably warm weather- it's an early spring!

Love love love this Hellebore along my back fence. It's bigger than last year, so it must love being here, too!

The weather is beautiful- a little too unusual at this time of year - with the temperature possibly breaking the 70s this week! How crazy! The garden is growing quickly as if it was May. The only (there's always one) disappointment this spring so far is that I seem to have less daffodils blooming then last year. (Unless it's just too early to tell.) I've tried to figure out the source of the problem, and it may be due to not fertilizing them. (I'm pretty sure it's not cutting the foliage off too quickly after they bloom- I think I gave them a good long while to decay last year.) There seems to be clumps of greenery but few blooms. Bummer. Hoping the late season daffodils pull all the punches this year!

Here's what's blooming today:

Beautiful Iris Reticula along the driveway.
Lungwort for the shade.

Pansy from seed! Hurray! This little guy is out in pots now.

Ditto for this Johnny Jump Up from seed.

The pear tree is starting to come to life. It's too early! Stay put!!

The roses are sending out new leaves already.

This is where I've planted the first crop of peas today.



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