March Roll Call

I was happy to see this little honey bee in the garden yesterday when I started taking photos. He was one of five I spotted, and today there was a large bumblebee making his way through the garden, too. The mourning doves by the feeders are getting friendly with each other, the red-wing blackbirds made a migration stop over the weekend, and the grackles are back in town. Nature doesn't seem to mind an early spring, that's for sure! Here are some other highlights from yesterday and today in the garden:

 This deep dark hellebore is in bloom at the back of the garden.

More crocus shots. I came home from working a long exhausting week on Saturday (51 hours! What!), and spied the multiple crocuses all along our front entryway. It made me instantly smile, and it brightened my mood immediately. I must remember to buy and plant more of them this fall! What a difference seeing them makes, even if our winter has not been that bad! (In fact, I checked last year's photos, and our crocuses bloomed around March 28 last year. This year they began to show up last week.)

We hit 70 degrees today, so I took the geranium seedlings out from under the lights to enjoy some real sunshine (perhaps I should have put them in the shade- I forgot about the whole hardening off rule.) It looks like we'll be in the mid-60s and high 50s for the rest of the week. What a wonderful March! (Hope we don't go out like a lion!)

The pansies I started from seed are just beginning to flower. Here are two that were hardened off in the cold frame for the last week, and are now living in the blue pots out front.

 I cleared the Christmas tree boughs off the garlic beds today and found healthy shoots underneath!

And today is the earliest I've ever seen a daffodil flower! This was part of the mixed bag I purchased last fall. It should be fully open by tomorrow or Wednesday.


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