Backyard Wildlife

One of the eight squirrels currently calling our garden their home.

I thought it might be appropriate to show off the visitors to the garden, as opposed to just the plants in every post. Today we had rain all day that cleared up in the early evening, providing a perfect soft sunlight that worked well for photographing out back.  Here is a glimpse of some of our visitors tonight.

A baby downy woodpecker scouts the scene before heading to the feeder.

Papa bird has been seen repeatedly with his child, shown below.

The baby cardinal.

I'm glad the tufted titmouse is back after a bit of a departure.

A (baby?) chickadee.

The hummingbird, who doesn't like to pose for the camera.

Another chickadee at the feeder.

I love this sequence of the parent bird (left) feeding her child (right).


  1. Wonderful photos, Jen! You have such a variety of visitors. Our hummers are also not into posing and are a constant photographic challenge. The baby cardinal is the cutest! We don't have them here so such a treat to see.

    Thanks for stopping by.



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