Keeping busy

The foxglove that I grew from seed last year is flowering now.
Every spare block of time I'm getting is going straight to gardening (even though I should be training for the 5k race in August!). I think I'm more on top of the garden this year than last (not having to work non-stop during two weeks in May like last year helps, too).

The tomato plants seem to have recovered, the peas are producing like crazy, and the lettuce hasn't bolted yet. The garlic scapes are ready for picking (now to just find a good recipe to go with them) and I'm getting eggplants in the ground. New this year are sweet potato slips I got through mail order, growing in grow bags along the driveway.

The broccoli is a loss though - looks like the real culprit was a chipmunk! (It's a good thing he's cute!) Since the wildlife has officially discovered the strawberry patch, I've given up on securing it as I had been. Now the old bunny house is protecting two butternut squash plants in the ground. 

I'm trying to keep in mind what can be rotated in to the garden as the spring crops start coming out. I've planted some cucumbers and bean seeds so far, but once the peas finish I'll have more room. When the garlic finishes in mid-July, I'll have to decide if I'm keeping that area open to grow a cover crop or some other vegetable (more beans?).


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