Monday in the Garden

Veronica tucked away with Rosa, "The Fairy." (How funny, everything I read says
"The Fairy only grows two feet tall, but this rose acts more as a climber and some
parts are taller than me at the moment!)
One of the nice new Coneflowers I picked up last year.

These dayliles are tall and originate from my Grandfather's garden in Queens, NY. After he died and before his house
was sold, my Dad dug up some of the plants and brought them to his home. When Rob and I moved into our first
home three years ago, Dad gave me some of the dayliles for my own garden. I love them.
Two little Carolina wrens inspecting the birdhouse for future living headquarters. I'm guessing the female is the one on the house, since the males are known for building multiple nests and then house shopping with his lady love until they find the right one. When this picture was being taken, the bird on the arbor was singing his little head off.
I'm not sure it will make the cut though, since they seemed to be watching me and the squirrels pretty intently.
(Missing my long lens for this shot!)
This catbird made the funniest little noises that I impersonated right back. Finally, a bird with my sense of humor! (Missing my long lens again for this shot!)

The mandavilla vine is taking to the new trellis attached to the shed.
The license plate barn star is by my friend, Lauren. (Visit her Etsy shop here.)

And finally, my first attempt at a small Fairy Garden. These are all the rage right now at the local garden centers. I love the miniature hostas!


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