Summer Solstice

It's officially the beginning of summer, but I'm feeling a little melancholy. Instead of being able to enjoy the coming season, my mind immediately drifts to fall and winter, as if this growing season is already past. I think I spend so much time anticipating the coming growing season that when it does finally arrive, it doesn't live up to my expectations. The garden is never completed- it never reaches the point where I say, "Ah, that's it- that's exactly how I wanted it to look." Instead, I seem to forget that plants labeled 24 inches or higher are actually pretty damn tall, even though it doesn't sound like it would be when I plant them at the front of a border.

Tonight I put the last of my plants that I was growing under lights outside. Today was our first 95 degree day (another one is in store for tomorrow). Maybe that's why I'm in a funk. It's knowing that whatever I haven't planted yet won't happen- it's too late in the growing season, even though it's definitely time for the lights to be off.

It's a funny thing, this gardening bug. Are there any gardeners out there that are happy with what they have right now?


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