Butterflies in the Garden

I've been noticing more butterflies in the garden lately than the usual cabbage white.

First up, the tiny, but beautiful Silvery Checkerspot butterfly. This butterfly treats black eye Susans (shown below), sunflowers and wingstem as their host plants to lay eggs on. It's on the smaller side, but very beautiful.

Click to view larger.

Next up, the black swallowtail butterfly. These are the easiest to raise from caterpillars to butterflies. I've blogged in the past about these beautiful butterflies. They treat carrot tops, dill and fennel as their host plants. Below is a male butterfly that greeted me yesterday when I came home from work. He was in his chrysalis for about two weeks in my kitchen.

Click to view larger.
And of course, who can forget the monarch? They use milkweed as their host plant.

Click to view larger.
What butterflies are you seeing in your garden?


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