Floral Friday: Welcome, September

I really can't believe that summer is over. Thankfully, I have many "heavy-hitting" fall perennials starting to bloom. Every fall, I'm reminded that I need to buy more asters, more mums and more ornamental grasses.

This week I'm not only highlighting the flowers, but the beautiful fruit and vegetables in my garden as well.

The Joe pye weed was covered in bees when I took this photo. I lost count at 20.

One of the pretty low-growing asters.

One of my favorite flowers: sweet autumn clematis.

The Kieffer pears are starting to change color... and the branches need support.

This anemone reseeded itself everywhere! I didn't have the heart to pull it out this
past spring, and now I'm glad I didn't.

This rose is reblooming in front of the sweet autumn clematis.

I love the way the light plays in this photo.

The fairy rose is still blooming!
What's blooming in your garden this week?


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