Floral Friday: The Importance of Perennials

This week brings the last pops of color in the tulip beds. The lilacs and the irises will soon be in full bloom, with some varieties beginning to show this week.

It's so important to have perennials to rely on in the garden during spring. My annuals - which will be the major players in late summer - are either still being sown or growing at their own pace. I am still trying to achieve a constant color cycle in the garden, and for the most part, I do have it, but in pieces. Portions of the garden show color while the rest remains green. One of my longterm goals is to have continuous color throughout the front and back gardens.

What is blooming in your garden this week?

Bleeding hearts co-mingling with Virginia bluebells.

Lilacs to be enjoyed indoors. The trick is to smash the stems before putting in the vase.

Varieties of lilac for the house.


Black Barlow Columbine beginning to bloom.

The last of the tulips along the driveway.


Creeping phlox.

Included only to show how large this one bleeding heart plant has become!

Strawberry blossoms.


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