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Shiro Plums

I have more than 11 pounds of Shiro plums sitting on my counter divided into various bowls. Each bowl is my estimation as to how ripe the fruit is. Most of the fruit is still light green but getting softer to the touch. Some of the fruit is turning yellow, but the plums needs to be bright yellow in order to be sweet. If you try it before it's fully ripe, the fruit is a little tart.

Once the fruit reaches its desired ripeness, I'll store it in the fridge for a few days until I have a large enough batch to start making Shiro Plum Jam. Yum! (If the fruit isn't ripe enough, then the jam will be sauce, which still tastes good, but very runny.)

I've kept some fruit on the tree as well to continue to ripen, but I'll be picking the rest of it by tomorrow. The squirrel has found my plum stash and is raiding it daily.

Do you grow plums? What do you make with them?

Update 7.26.15:
I removed the rest of the plum from the tree tonight after I saw a purple finch snacking on them. There are 26 pounds total! I took this photo to show how the plum progresses in color as it ripens.

Click to enlarge.


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