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Pear Jam

With so many pears produced this year - more than 130 pounds - I've been trying to find creative uses for all the pears I haven't gifted away.

So, when I found this recipe for Spiced Pear Jam from Taste of Home, I thought it would be a great project.

I used about 16 medium to large sized pears for this batch (it calls for 5.5 pounds chopped up). I also accidentally used nutmeg instead of cloves when I made this for the first time, but the results were still delicious. It reminded me of cooked apple pie filling in the beginning, and it took a bit longer than the directions said it would to bake down.

But once it reached jamming stage, it was a beautiful color with a appetizing aroma. It made a little more than 12 jam jars once I processed it. The second time I made it, I used half pint jars, and it made enough for a little more than six. The second time I made it, I also put in the cloves as the recipe directs, not the nutmeg.

Are you still enjoying the fruits from your garden?

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