Floral Friday: Welcome, May

It mostly rained this week and was cooler than normal, but the flowers in my front and back garden still continued to dazzle. What really stole the show this week were the parrot tulips. I've been getting tons of compliments on them through my shares on Twitter and Instagram. (Now the neighbors see the reason behind my madness when I dug up the front lawn last November.) Here are some of the garden highlights from this week.

The robins have once again chosen the honeysuckle vine out front to build a nest in!
This photo was taken with my iPhone (which was pure luck since I couldn't even see the screen when I took
the photo), and was originally shared on my Instagram account.

Who loves spring phlox? I do, I do! I believe this is phlox divaricata, but I am unsure of the variety.
This was was originally shared on my Instagram account.

I need more Virginia bluebells in my garden. It looks great here with the trillium.

I've planted more pansies out in the shade garden this year.

The bleeding heart is starting to bloom.

Native celandine.

Pansies by the back door.

This is the first year where I may actually get figs!

"El Nino" tulips - I need more of these next year. I love the color!

"Flaming Parrot" tulip in front of the phlox divaricata, which came out extremely blue on the day I took the photo.

"Flaming Parrot" tulip.

"Flaming parrot" tulip.

My Deja Bloom Azalea! This variety is "Orchid Showers" which I've been growing
in my garden, thanks to J. Berry Nursery. I'm so glad it survived our wacky, cold winter.

What is growing in your garden this week?


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