Floral Friday

Here's what's blooming in (or visiting) my garden this week!

This dragonfly landed on my fig tree while I was working outside.

He's either enjoying the sun or stalking a bug.

My gorgeous yellow tree peony (variety unknown).

I love this "Lime Sorbet" columbine among the "Black Barlow" columbine.

Another shot of the tree peony with my geum out front. 

These high-bush blueberry flowers are just so pretty!

One of my roses.

Milkweed transplanted from my friend's garden.

Geum in the garden. 

I like this photo because the viola looks like it is winking. These flowers remind me of "Alice in Wonderland" so much!

Another variety of columbine in the back garden. 


What's blooming in your garden this week?


  1. I have Columbine, my purple globe flower transplanted from the back fence line,
    and my tree peony in full bloom!


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