Floral Friday

Do you like my new sign?

Let's be honest - I don't want to weed during non-drinking hours either! Here's a selection of what's growing in my garden this week! I love this iris that is blooming along my driveway. Just look at the detail of the petals!

Pansies and heliotrope are some of my annuals in the blue pots.

I really like this Proven Winners Cleome Senorita Rosalita that I bought at my local
garden center. I never have luck growing cleome from seed so this year I splurged
and bought five already large plants to put in my front garden.

This "Bloom Bash" variety of Hollywood Hibiscus from J. Berry Nursery that I'm trailing is gorgeous!
There are three different flowers on this plant, and this is the yellow version. 

Another dainty columbine in the back garden.

The hummingbird loves this honeysuckle I'm growing along my shed. This one is Major Wheeler I believe.
The peony flowers are all in bud and should be ready to open for next week!

Here's what was blooming in my garden last week.

What is blooming in your garden this week?


  1. Your blue pots are beautiful, Jen I think you should show your new hanging conical baskets next week, they look great too!

    1. Yes, the hanging baskets are coming for next week! ;-)


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