Floral Friday: Full bloom

Some of this year's spring flowers are a few weeks behind schedule, but I don't mind. The front garden especially is popping into full-bloom with peonies, irises, clematis and roses. I'm also focusing more on annuals this year and bought special hanging baskets to try out some of my trial plants from Proven Winners. Some of these are the two hanging planters in the front garden, as seen in the photo below.

I'm really liking this Superbells "Tropical Sunrise" calibrachoa from Proven Winners, as seen in a close-up of the hanging basket below. This is a variety that will be available in 2017, and features orange, pink and coral tones in the petals.

The irises are happy as can be in the drier part of my garden, as seen here.

And of course, I'm a peony lover, and I have the majority of my peony bushes lining my driveway.

Next to the peonies is a clematis variety that I planted right after buying my home in 2009. I was told it was Jackmanii, but I am fairly certain now that it was mislabeled, since Jackmanii is dark purple, while this one is more pinkish purple.

More peony love ...

These irises were rescued from a garden on Long Island by my father. I do not know the name but they spread rapidly. I've already given several away.

Here's a peak of the front entrance of my home, with wisteria "Amethyst Falls" on the arbor and honeysuckle behind it.

Here's another view of the same clematis with the peonies along my driveway.

One of the first daisies to bloom in my garden is this one. I believe it's "Alaska."

Back to the sizzle and pop factor is this "Bloom Bash" Hollywood Hibiscus I've been growing for J. Berry Nursery. Check out the three colors on one plant! The yellow and orange bloomed for two days straight, and then when they were finished, the red bloom took over.

I plant poppies because I am a Georgia O'Keefe fan.

Another bearded iris, this one being "Immortality."

I'm still trying to identify this butterfly which was hanging out on my salix today as I mowed the lawn in the back garden. I believe it's a red-spotted purple butterfly, but I'm not sure.

Back to the front garden where the honeysuckle is blooming in mass. Inside this trellis is the robin's nest featured a few weeks ago in a previous Floral Friday post.

I've always been advised to grow roses and clematis together, and now I can see why! What a gorgeous pair!

Another peony. This one I believe is "Karl Rosenfield."

The delphiniums also do well in the drier parts of my front garden. They can be quite finicky.

Last but not least is my resident robin, barking orders and overseeing the care and maintenance of the front garden. Here he is in all his glory.

What is blooming in your garden this week?

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