Floral Friday: Heat of the summer

The summer show is underway here in the gardens, with many perennials popping into bloom this past week. Here are some of the highlights:

I really like how this ornamental grass pairs with the white echinacea. 

I was tired of waiting for my hollyhocks to get bigger so I went and bought some
full-size plants to grow in the garden. 

Here's another of my Proven Winner trial pots, featuring 'GoldDust' Mecardonia
and 'Playin the Blues' Salvia 'Balsalmisp', along with zinnias and Proven Winners'
Angelface 'Perfectly Pink.' I bought this pot special for these plants - love it!
(The Supertunia is trailing over from an adjacent pot.)
Here's how one of my Proven Winners urns is doing with the gladioulus
starting to grow from the center. (Shown here is Ablazin' Purple Salvia,
Blue My Mind Evolvulus, Diamond Frost Euphorbia 'Inneuphidia', and Whirlwind
Blue Scaevola 'Scablhatis', along with a geranium and a Proven Winners Superbells
'Tequila Sunrise' I picked up at the store. To see how it looked two weeks ago, click here.)
Here is the other Proven Winners urn I am growing, also with gladiolus bulbs
emerging from the center. (Ablazin' Tabasco Salvia, Mojave Portulaca 'Yellow' and
Vermillionaire Cupea are 
paired with a blush version of euphorbia and a geranium.)To see how it looked two weeks ago, click here.

Here is a Hollywood Hibiscus I am growing called 'Social Butterfly.' This is how the flower looks when it first opens for the day. It changes color - click here to see how it looks in the mid-afternoon, as seen on my Instagram account!

Gotta love gerbera daisies!

Here is one of the geranium cuttings I took last fall and overwintered.

Bee balm and shasta daisies in the front garden.

The phlox is beginning to bloom in the front garden, too.

The snapdragons and oregano self-seeded into the area, and both started blooming after I planted the petunia here.

Echinacea and shasta daisies.

The grapes are coming along nicely.

Here's a new penstemon I bought for my garden.


More daylily love.

Daylily in the back garden.

Daylily in the back garden.

Daylily in the back garden.

This daylily is still blooming and is one of the first to begin. It's called 'Little Grapette.'
Sometimes it looks more reddish.

One last daylily from the back garden, with a ruffled edge.
What's blooming in your garden this week?

To see what was blooming in my garden last week, click here.


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