Floral Friday: What's blooming now

Looking through the photos from this week I've realized that I tend to sway toward the pink flowers, but not exclusively. I always felt the garden is like a painting, and you can tell that I love bright colors. Here's what's blooming - and growing - this week:



Bee on lavender.

Shasta daisy with feverfew.



Daylily - 'Woodside Romance.'

Daylily -'Worthy One.'


Daylily - 'Woodside Romance.'

Hollywood Hibiscus "Bloom Bash."

Proven Winners petunias - Supertunia Vista 'Bubblegum' - were on sale at the nursery so I brought them home.

'Rainmaster' petunias I grew from seed.

Black raspberries for picking!

Yarrow is a good neighbor to the raspberries.

My first ever watermelon plant is doing so well! This is 'Faerie.'


Snap peas in front of calibrachoa. 

Butterfly weed and feverfew make an interesting pair.

Blue Salvia to attract the hummingbirds.

Shasta daisy 'Becky' is blooming along the front walkway.

A chair I've used - a little bit - this summer to view the garden.
What's blooming in your garden this week?

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