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Déjà Bloom creates tropical feel in Northeast garden

When I look at my Déjà Bloom azalea, I forget that I live in the Northeast.

The blossoms on 'Orchid Showers' have a tropical flair and are an exotic hot pink.

My neighbor grows a traditional, (unknown) old variety of azalea next door and I compared her blossoms to the Déjà Bloom. Not only where they much larger, but the Deja Bloom began flowering at least two weeks earlier, and was still flowering when the older cultivar began to bloom. And when you compare the flowers side by side, you can see why the Déjà Bloom blossoms are so striking. After I photographed the pair, I ended up pinning the 'Orchid Flowers' bunch to my hair and
pretended I was weeding in Hawaii for the day.

Steady growth

Last year around this time, an azalea showed up on my doorstep. I was asked to see how this variety grew in my growing zone. This was how my introduction to Déjà Bloom azaleas began.

'Orchid Showers' blooming in May along my front path.
The Déjà Bloom azalea I trialled was hardy through Zone 6. There are five other varieties as well, but they are hardy to Zone 7. The first year the azalea took its time to get settled in the garden, establishing its root system as most shrubs and perennials do. But to my surprise, it did send out some flowers in the fall - a season when azaleas do not bloom. I was a bit nervous how it would do in our Northeast winter, especially after our area experienced several deep freezes late in the season that destroyed the state's peach crop and flower buds on hydrangeas. But this spring, the Déjà Bloom shrugged off the wacky weather and pulled through.

While I have only had it growing in my front garden for one growing season, it has made great strides in growth in that time. I have it bordering my front walkway which can be seen from the window. At full size, it will reach 4 feet by 4 feet. Throughout its year outside, it has not attracted any pests or contracted any diseases. It's been fairly low maintenance for care.

After the spring show that Déjà Bloom 'Orchid Showers' put on in the spring, I can't wait to see it rebloom this summer.

J. Berry Nursery provided me with a sample plant to trial in my garden for this review. 


  1. Very beautiful ! Yes they look very exotic ! Good luch with you blog !

  2. I just bought 2 Orchid Showers last night. I live in Kansas so I'm not sure if it's to early to plant or not? Lowe's had them inside their garden center. I'll plant them in the front yard so they only receive morning and early afternoon sun.

  3. I have one in my pond area in shade and it get morning and afternoon sun. I bought it with blooms already on it. And that was the only time it ever had blooms. It’s hasn’t bloomed since. What is wrong?! I water it every other day. The potting soil it has keeps it moist. I got it back in March! It’s now June. I am about to pull it and throw it away why isn’t it blooming!!??

  4. How do I prune it immediately after spring flowering?


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