Floral Friday: Aug. 19

This week's Floral Friday is brought to you by Instagram and my iPhone, because I'm wrapping up some graduate school projects that are just keeping me crazy busy (along with working throughout the day, of course).

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Besides the beginning of my late-sown zinnias starting to bloom, I also have a cool dragonfly story, since rescuing insects has become a theme this summer it seems. (Last week a ladybug was rescued from the birdbath.) In the video below is a dragonfly I rescued from the huge spider web that I allow to exist by my back door. While my husband and I are not fans of big spiders, our policy since moving to Portland has become, "If it stays outdoors, it lives. If it comes inside ... no promises." So we've let these spiders set up by the back door and I hope it's helping the mosquito population in return.

But when I came home on Wednesday from school, I noticed this dragonfly struggling in the web, and to the spider's disappointment, I decided to help the dragonfly out. It took almost 10 minutes to untangle the little guy since he was stuck with sticky threads all over, but he must had known I was trying to help him, because he allowed me to use tiny little sticks to pull the webbing off. And then after it was all done, he didn't want to leave! I managed to get my iPhone out while he was still sitting on my hand and videotaped him cleaning his face and hanging out.

It was very cool. I ended up moving him to the flowers afterward and warned him to stay clear of the spider.

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The tomato plants are starting to produce, but I have to say, I am a little disappointed that none of the big guys have made it, because the squirrels keep stealing my green tomatoes.

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