Floral Friday: April 21

Can I tell you about my hellebore? This beauty has been blooming nonstop this year, and every time I look, I swear the clump is getting larger. (I think it might be the good vibes from that decorative owl, how about you?) The variety is Hellebore 'Florence Picotee', and this has been the best year yet!

Of course, there are other stars in the garden as well, including more hellebores:

'Pistachio' daffodil.

Grape hyacinths with daffodils.

Native celandine.

Parrot tulips getting ready to bloom.

The rhubarb looks like it will be huge this year!

A bouquet of hellebores and daffodils, the first of the season!


  1. I agree...with Hellebores it's all about patience. You're so good about keeping track of the Cultivar names. My Hellebores are all "Unknown".

    1. Ha! I must admit, I have many who are also in the unknown status! :)


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