Floral Friday: July 7

My grandfather used to have a painting on display over his living room couch. In it was a field of daisies and a girl sitting amongst them. After he died, I'm not sure what happened to the painting, but I regret not asking for it. Perhaps it has been more romanticized in my mind as years pass, but I'm sure it has influenced the number of daisies I grow in my front garden.

Sometimes though, I wonder if the garden has taken on a larger-than-life look, which might be influenced by those singing flowers in Disney's Alice in Wonderland. (Because, after all, the 'Becky' daisies are close to 4 feet high.)

I've learned that it's important to pay attention to what inspires you, because it usually will appear in your garden. Even though I planted my first daisy in 2009 (yes, they all came from one plant), it's only eight years later that I've figured out that the painting I looked at every Sunday as a child has played a role in my plant choices. And even though I haven't figured out which artist painted it (or even if a reproduction is possible), it's OK because I have the living thing in my front garden.

Besides daisies, here is what is also growing in the garden this week:

Daylilies! Above are the orange variety that grow underneath the cherry tree (and were intermingling with the rose campion last week); below are varieties growing in the back and front garden. I have a good amount of daylilies in the back garden because they can be planted near the black walnut tree.

The first of the tall phlox has started to bloom in the front garden.

More hydrangeas (and daisies):

As for edibles, the Shiro plums are still growing.

As are the grapes:

I've started to grow vegetables in grow bags along my front walkway this year. I'm able to keep an eye on them to meet their hydration needs. Below, the celery underneath the hummingbird feeder.

The calendula has reseeded itself along the driveway. I really need to start utilizing this herb this year. It is super easy to grow.

In the Eco Garden System (learn more here), the lettuce is just about ready for harvesting.

I'm also beginning to thin out the kale seedlings and I added a support for the bush beans.

What is growing in your garden this week?

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* Eco Garden Systems LLC has provided me with sample Eco Garden System to try out  in my zone 6b garden.


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