Floral Friday: June 30

I'm looking at my garden with what feels like a new perspective after arriving home from the Garden Bloggers Fling that took place in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. this past weekend. Here are some highlights from the garden this week.

A honey bee takes a rest on a Shasta daisy 'Becky' bloom.

The wren family is getting bigger and I think this might be one of the last weeks they will be staying in our "air B&B." 

When I say the plum trees going to have a good year, I do not exaggerate. Picture the whole Shiro plum tree looking like this, below. It's getting a little difficult to walk around the front garden without ducking to avoid the bending branches. 

The sweet William I planted from seed last year is blooming now. There are also shades of pink and purple.

Daylily season is upon us! Here's a double variety that I ordered online through Facebook a few years ago. 

And here's the 'Earlybird Cardinal', right on time!

The hollyhock I bought last year has come back, despite the mailman stepping on it over the winter! I'm hoping this one reseeds so I can get more plants for next year.

Underneath the cherry tree my orange daylilies and magenta rose campion have intermingled to create a vivid display for those passing by.

Butterfly weed self seeds in the garden in random places. I let it grow where it will. Here's a perspective I don't usually include: looking down at the plant. 

And of course, where would my garden update be without hydrangeas?

What is blooming in your garden this week?

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