Floral Friday: Oct. 27

Even though the season is winding down, there are several plants in my front garden that are not listening. For example, my Global Warming Mum 'Purple Mist' (above) is blooming like crazy right now in the front garden. This plant is about 2 feet tall!

'Campfire Glow' Chrysanthemum is a new mum I've purchased for my garden this year. I love its color (and late-blooming tendencies).

Another of my Global Warming Mums, this one 'Autumn Moon', is also starting to bloom. This is the latest mum I own that blooms in the garden.

'Easy Does it Rose' is still blooming in the front garden as well. 

As well as my 'Endless Summer' hydrangea.

The calendula, which has reseeded itself all over my edible grow beds, pops up a cheery blossom in random spots.

Speaking of edibles, the cutting celery that I purchased as small plant starts is growing in the Eco Garden System. Cutting celery is bred for leaf production, and is said to have a stronger flavor than regular celery.  I also have Bright Light Swiss Chard growing that I started from seed and parsley. The rest of the edibles in my Eco Garden System have been pulled at this point. I'm not sure how much time in the growing season I'll have left, but I plan to cover the top of the garden with a frost cloth to help extend the season.

What's growing in your garden this week?

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