Floral Friday: Oct. 20

Who says that the fall garden is not exciting, inspiring and colorful? Here are several late-blooming annuals and perennials who are keeping the garden going this week, such as these colorful calendula in pots.

The Gerbera Daisies are ready for a second showing. (Even though I did move this plant inside when we had a cold evening!)

Late-blooming asters keep attracting bees.

And so do late-blooming mums, such as this Global Warming variety of mum.

I did buy some greenhouse mums for instant color for my front border. It will be a bonus if I manage to overwinter them.

The Sheffield mum is still going strong this week, adding a pale pink to the mix.

This Proven Winners 'Vermillionaire' cuphea has been a non-stop bloomer and has gotten pretty large as the season progressed. It is growing in a large cobalt blue pot in front of my Sheffield mums.

Some of my zinnias are still holding on despite the cooler evenings we've had. My annual salvia from seed is really hitting it's stride now.

Over in the Eco Garden System, the nasturtiums have stolen the show.

If Shakespeare's Juliet was a flower, I imagine she would look like the nasturtium below, overlooking the raised bed's wall down at Romeo below. :-)

The Hollywood Hibiscus is also still going strong. Here is 'First to Flirt' as the petals begin to uncurl.

And someone did not tell this hydrangea that we were headed into November. I won't tell her either, because I love its blooms.

What's blooming in your garden this week?

Here is what was blooming last week in my garden.


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