Floral Friday: Nov. 10

It's hard to believe that it is November because the garden is still going strong.

'Campfire Glow' Chrysanthemum.

'Easy Does it' Rose. 
The ornamental peppers in my cobalt blue pots have been changing colors. This one is 'Chilly Chili' ornamental pepper, also an AAS Winner. They are pairing nicely with my red salvia that I grew from seed.

The changing color on my blueberry bushes makes for interesting foliage in the front garden.

The 'Lemon Tree' nicotiana that I grew from seed is still blooming. I love the delicate blossoms.

My new garden statue looks like she was always a part of the front garden.

My Hollywood Hibiscus spent a few nights in the garage when we had sudden dips in temperature. They will be headed inside for their winter stay soon.

The 'Endless Summer' hydrangea is blooming. Apparently my soil pH has changed, because the blossoms used to be light blue.

Yellow corydalis pops up all over the back garden. I am fine with wherever it chooses to go.

I have a new addition to the back garden, since I was unable to pass up a sale. This Japanese maple will look great in a few year's time. Now it just needs to make it through the winter (and past the voles).

The nasturtiums in the Eco Garden System are too pretty to eat.

I've been covering my Eco Garden System with a frost blanket overnight to keep my late-season cool crops safe from frost.

What's growing in your garden this week?


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