Floral Friday: Nov 24

What a week of extremes. The week began with a dusting of snow, which was a reminder of how little time there is left to settle the garden for the winter.

We still get some warm days in the 50s, but overall the colder weather is slowly settling in, which means all the flowers and perennials have entered into hibernation. I took off from work this week, and even though I was battling a chest cold, I still managed to dig up my dahlia tubers for winter storage. (I have a special way to store mine since I do not have a basement or an insulated garage to store them in. Click here to read about my process.) I've also been checking my November garden chores to keep on track.

When I can I've been planting my spring-blooming bulbs, and it has helped that I bought a nifty drill attachment to help me plant the 860 bulbs I ordered: tulips, daffodils, chionodoxa, winter aconite, and a bonus of 100 free crocuses, which brings the total to 960 bulbs to plant. (The project is about halfway complete.)

Now since my garden is in its off season, the focus returns to inside the house. This week, my Christmas cactus is blooming and I have a pretty new aloe which I bought after reading about all the benefits of this houseplant. (Did you know one single aloe plant is equal to nine other air-purifying plants?)

It's also time to plant amaryllis, and I have a nice double-flowering variety I bought to grow inside this winter.

What is blooming in your garden, or inside your home?


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