Floral Friday: Dec. 15

The first substantial snowfall arrived earlier this week, which gave the front garden a serene feel. It's at this time that I'm reminded that I need to continue to plan for winter color, such as these bright red berries on the new winterberry bushes I planted not too long ago. I need more pops of color to combat the dreariness of winter. 

It's also a time when you realize that you forgot to put away your garden chairs...

The echinacea looks so gorgeous in the snow, just like women wearing beehive hairdos.

I haven't had time to decorate much for Christmas this year, but I do have a colorful wreath that was handmade at Natureworks.

Even the Eco Garden System is tucked away for the winter, as I dream of what I will grow in it next spring. (To read my final review of this innovative raised bed, click here.)

What does your garden look like at this time of year?


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