Floral Friday: Dec. 22

This Floral Friday I've been focusing on what's growing inside the house, since yesterday was the winter solstice and the garden is asleep.

I've started growing several amaryllises and they are starting to show signs of life.

My coleus cuttings that I took before the big frost have rooted in water and are ready to be transplanted. In years past I've rooted balcony geraniums to keep overwinter; the coleus are much easier.

The only downside is that I didn't think about how I wouldn't be able to remove the caps to the florist tubes after the plant grew roots. Oops. Live and learn. But there are so many healthy roots!

The Christmas cactus is blooming as well. How can you tell if you have a Thanksgiving cactus or a Christmas cactus? It's all about the leaves. This article in Horticulture helps explain what to look for. (Some of my flowers are wilting, which might be due to it's location in front of the drafty window.)

What's blooming and growing in your house and garden this week? To see what was happening in the garden last week, click here.


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