Floral Friday: Dec 29

Today's Floral Friday includes a mix of the outdoors (with photos taken earlier this week after an ice storm) and what's blooming indoors — a thorough account for the last Floral Friday post for 2017.

Angel with buddleia.

Frozen asters.

Frozen winterberries.

Beneath the ice the hellebore contemplates blooming. Maybe after this cold snap passes it will (we are lucky to reach temperatures in the 20s this week and next). Here's a look at it blooming last year.

An ice impression from a hellebore leaf. 

My little blue spruce.

Frozen anemone seeds.

Frozen mums and asters.

The Deja Bloom Azalea keeps its color in the winter.

An oriental poppy seed head, covered in ice.

Wind chimes in the front garden.

I'm so happy that I filled my cobalt blue pots with winter greens. It adds a nice addition to the front entry.

Inside, it's a bit toastier. Here are two succulents under the grow lights that are awaiting their future home.

The Queens Tears is blooming. This plant is in the bromeliad family, and does well with neglect. It was given to me after it didn't sell at the garden club plant sale about two years ago. Every summer I put it outdoors and basically ignore it. I then bring it in before frost, and then it forgives me and blooms when I need flowers the most.

 Here it is in my living corner, a west-facing window that the orchids also enjoy.

The air plants enjoy the morning light in the kitchen window. They are a bit decked out for the holidays at the moment.

And the amaryllis bulbs are growing more.

 A baby spider plant makes a new home in my rabbit planter.

The Christmas cactus has so much going on when it flowers. Here is one of the flowers flipped over to see the details.

The orchids are getting new flower stalks, too!

And, in a creepy way, this orchid (my oldest) has decided to keep it's stone rabbit with it, curling a root around it indefinitely.

What's blooming or growing in your house and/or garden this week?

To see what was blooming and growing last week, click here.


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