Floral Friday: More purple plants

Last week for Floral Friday, I started to share the different purple-hued plants you can grow in your garden this year. This week are more purple plant selections to get you inspired for the 2018 growing season! Photos below were taken in my garden, unless otherwise marked. The purple-themed plants are from across the growing seasons.

'Grandpa Otts' morning glory.

Clematis 'Rooguchi'.
Lavender! Photographed at Lavender Pond Farm in Connecticut.

Callicarpa (or beauty berry).


Hellebore (found at Winterthur).

Pansies and heliotrope.

Delphinium just beginning to open...
Delphinium in full bloom.


Bearded iris.

'Amethyst Falls' Wisteria.
To view last week's purple-hued selections, click here.


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