Floral Friday: Purple plants to grow in your garden

We just had an ice storm in our area two days ago, and there are not any outside plants brave enough yet to venture out for spring. 

I started thinking: What could I feature on Floral Friday if nothing is technically blooming? Then I remembered that Pantone announced that Ultra Violet was their color of the year. I started thinking about all the different purple plants that you can grow in your garden! Beginning this week I will share some of the purple-hued plants I have grown in my garden or ones I have found during garden tours (the garden tour ones are marked). 

Early-blooming crocus.
Anemone (annual in my area).
Alliums (which is also the Perennial Plant of the Year). Also featured is a red Oriental poppy.
Bearded iris (found on a garden tour in Guilford, Connecticut along the shoreline).

A  mixture of purple herbs found on a garden tour, including chives (far right).
Butterfly-magnet liatris.

What purple-flowering plants do you grow in your garden? I'll share more photos of plants I've grown or discovered next week.


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