Six new perennials I'm trying in my garden

Coming home from work and finding two boxes of perennial samples is one of the best feelings in the world when you are a gardener! I am super excited to be growing six new varieties of plants in my garden this year from Darwin Perennials.

Each box contained carefully wrapped plants that were waiting to be opened. (It took restraint to unwrap them carefully.)

Here is what was inside: 

Armeria Dreameria® Sweet Dreams: This variety promises frost-to-frost flowering that grows 10-12 inches high. Heat tolerant and easy to grow, it should do well in containers or in the garden. Attractive to butterflies and other pollinators. (Zones 6a-9a.)

Salvia Rose Marvel: Growing 10-12 inches high, this plant will bloom through the summer and reblooms without being cut back. (Zones 4a-9b.)

Echinacea Sombrero® Sangrita: A compact coneflower growing 18-20 inches tall with bright, scarlet-red petals and a burgundy flower stem. (Zones 4b-9b.)

Echinacea Sombrero® Granada Gold: Also growing 18-20 inches tall, this variety has flowers with a golden-yellow color that promises not to fade. (Zones 4b-9b.)

Lavandula Super Blue: Growing 10-12 inches tall, the shorter blue flower spikes are good for mid-border perennial beds. It is supposed to have excellent winter hardiness and a soft lavender scent.  (Zones 5a-8b.)

Miscanthus Bandwidth: This ornamental grass will grow 30-36 inches tall and includes striping. It is aid to be rust resistant and infertile, so it will not be invasive. (Zones 5a-9b.)

All of the plant samples are sun-loving perennials that should grow well in my zone 6b garden. I'll be sharing updates here on how the plants grow in my garden this year. Thanks again to Darwin Perennials for this opportunity.


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