Floral Friday: May 18

The spring bulbs are just about finished, with a stray daffodil here or there. The species tulips are on their last days of blooming as well.

Enter the peonies, who are beginning their show in the front garden. First to bloom are two of my three tree peonies.

This is 'Hana-Daijin' — would you believe that I bought this plant on sale last year! I planted it last fall and it loves its new spot by my front door/wisteria archway. The flowers last about a week.

My yellow tree peony is beginning to bloom as well. (Now if it would only stop raining long enough to be outside to enjoy these!) I am unsure of the variety of this plant because I bought it from a nursery that was going out of business long ago, and it was just labeled, "yellow tree peony."

Also blooming along the front walkway is my Deja Bloom azalea, 'Orchid Showers'. This is my third year growing this azalea and this is its best year for blooms. The pink is so vibrant — and just the pop of color I need while the summer perennials are still growing and not yet ready to bloom.

The columbines are also beginning to flower.

And here is a new guilty pleasure I just bought: 'Sunsprite' rose. My mom's favorite flower were yellow roses, so that is how I justified this purchase!

My Hollywood Hibiscus that I overwintered have been officially released outdoors for the growing season. I plan on repotting them into larger containers with new soil this spring, too. They seem happy to be back outside, and have been blooming nonstop. The red one below is 'Hot Shot' and below that is 'Chatty Cathy.' (There will be more information on Hollywood Hibiscus to come soon on FrauZinnie.com!)

Usually for Floral Friday, I take several photos of what's blooming in the garden. As a followup, I usually share what is growing as well. This week I broke my edibles out into their own post, found here.

What's blooming in your garden? To see what was blooming last week, click here.


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