Sorting and sowing seeds: What's growing in Zone 6b

In mid-February I shared how this year I was trying to align my seed sowing by the moon — and I have already had a happy surprise!

Usually it takes about 14 days for my pansy seeds to sprout. This year I made sure to plant them on a favorable day for sowing seeds (according to the calendar), and most of them sprouted around day 11. (Cool!)

It's about time to kick into full gear with seed starting. I've sorted (most) of my seeds according to how many weeks before the frost they need to grow before setting outside. I use an over-the-door shoe organizer to sort my seeds, with each pocket containing seeds for a different week. I've even begun to sort out the seeds that will be sown directly outside (peas, calendula, sweet peas, etc.). It's easy to see what has to be started!

I'm being a little conservative this year with my official "frost-free" date. While my last frost occurs during the last week of April, I am counting back from May 12 (Mother's Day in the U.S.). In the past I've used the last week of April (two weeks earlier) but I have found that the nights are still chilly. With my schedule, it is difficult to harden off seedlings when the temperatures are not fully cooperating!

So far I have pansies, foxgloves, snapdragons and agastache (not shown) beginning to grow.

Which seeds are you starting to grow for your garden?


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