Gifts for the Gardener: 22 Ideas for Holiday Giving

It's that time again! Need a gift for the gardener but not sure what to get him or her? I've been on the lookout for gifts I either would want or have already acquired and love.

Below are my top picks for all sorts of gardeners on your list.

Great garden accents

We Have a Victory Garden - Garden Sign by WirtheimDesignStudio. Photo used with permission.

'We Have a Victory Garden' sign ($28 USD) — For the serious edible gardener, WirtheimDesignStudio offers a Victory Garden sign with a 1940s throwback feel. Click here to learn more. (Be sure to check out his pollinator offerings, too!)

Set of Red Poppy Garden Sculptures ART011 by London Garden Trading. Photo used with permission.

Set of Red Poppy Garden Sculptures ($67.18 USD) — Handmade and individually hand painted using recycled metals,  London Garden Trading offers three gorgeous poppies to add a pop of color in your garden. Click here to learn more.

Greek/Roman head planter. 
Lucky Winner Greek/Roman Style Female Statue Head Cement Planter ($44.95 USD) — I purchased this planter last year and it is now a staple in my container garden. It is shown here with Proven Winners Lemon Coral Sedum, which I grew in my garden in 2018 and 2019. Click here for more info on the planter. 

To make their lives easier

French Blue Watering Can ($29.95) — This is now my go-to watering can in the garden. It fills up to 3 gallons of water, but I do not fill it to the very top to prevent a little overflow spilling. (It helps me make less trips to the water line.) Click here to learn more.

Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly ($47.99) — This is a recent purchase for me and has already helped me move my (very) heavy glazed ceramic pots into their winter locations. Click here to learn more.

Niwaki Garden Snips (£10.00) — This item is actually on my wish list after hearing from an Instagram friend that this is really good for taking dahlia cuttings. Click here to learn more.

For the bookworm

With so many different topics to choose from, you are bound to find a gardening book perfect for someone on your list! Let's get started.

For those searching for inner peace

How to Make a Plant Love You: Cultivate Green Space in Your Home and Heart by Summer Rayne Oaks. ($25.00 USD) — Summer encourages a different approach to nature. Her book ties together all the known benefits of taking care of plants (lower blood pressure, lower stress, cleaner air) with a bigger, less obvious benefit: taking care of plants makes you a more life-giving person.

Creating Sanctuary: Sacred Garden Spaces, Plant-Based Medicine, and Daily Practices to Achieve Happiness and Well-Being by Jessi Bloom. ($24.95 USD) — Learn how to design a healing space, how to harness the power of 50 sacred plants and how to create recipes and rituals that soothe and calm.

For those short on space

Gardener's Guide to Compact Plants: Edibles and Ornamentals for Small-Space Gardening by Jessica Walliser. ($24.99 USD) — For homeowners with small yards, urban gardeners, container growers, or anyone looking to grow a beautiful and productive small-scale garden, this book highlights.plants that require less space and reduced day-to-day maintenance.

For butterfly lovers

A Swift Guide to Butterflies of North America: Second Edition by Jeffrey Glassberg. ($29.95 USD) — The guide covers all known species with 3,500 color photographs. The second edition includes more than 500 new photos and updated text, maps, and species names.

For something different

Down to Earth: Gardening Wisdom by Monty Don. (£9.99/paperback) — 50 years of garden experience from one of the UK's most famous gardeners. Enough said.

For the edible gardener

Field Guide to Urban Gardening: How to Grow Plants, No Matter Where You Live by Kevin Espiritu. ($27.99 USD) — To succeed in an urban garden setting means choosing the best method(s) that make sense for your unique living situation. This book covers container gardening, raised beds, indoor edibles, balconies, rooftops and hydroponics.

For the chef

Stacked With Flavor: An Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook With Dairy-free, Grain-free & Low-Sugar Recipes by Shawna Coronado. ($24.95 USD) — Interested in an anti-inflammatory diet and not sure where to begin? This book provides recipes that include herbs and spices to kick up the flavor along with meal plans.

For houseplant enthusiasts

Living Decor: Plants, Potting and DIY Projects by Maria Colletti. ($25.00 USD) Step by step projects that cover houseplant trends, such as macramé, concrete planters and new plant stands for popular botanicals.

Grow in the Dark: How to Choose and Care for Low-Light Houseplants by Lisa Eldred Steinkopf. ($26.99 USD) — Plant bios on the best choices for low-light conditions, including a helpful legend to find out if they are safe to be around pets. (Read more here.)

For the photographer

New York in Bloom by Georgianna Lane. ($19.99 USD) — For anyone who loves New York City, flowers, and photography, they will admire Georgianna's gorgeous photos depicting one of the most iconic cities in the world. (If the Eiffel Tower is more your thing, check out Paris in Bloom.)

US State Flowers | Educational Wall Art | Watercolor Geography | Flower Chart from The Wheat Field. Photo used with permission. 

For indoor decor

US State Flowers | Educational Wall Art | Watercolor Geography | Flower Chart ($22.00 USD) — Now you'll know at a glance all 50 state flowers with this print of the original watercolor from The Wheat Field. Click here to learn more. (Be sure to check out her original cards and planners, too.)

The Plant Care {Mist} Ultra-Fine Mist and the Luster Leaf 1630 Rapitest Stainless Steel Dial Soil Thermometer.

Stocking stuffers 

Plant Care {Mist} Ultra-Fine Mist ($9-$15 USD depending on source) — Long name, but it delivers a prolonged misting experience for your houseplants. (My orchids and monstera seem pretty pleased!) It is also good for using on seedlings. Click here to learn more or ask for it at your independent garden center (which is where I bought mine).

Luster Leaf 1630 Rapitest Stainless Steel Dial Soil Thermometer ($7-15 USD depending on source) — When the colder temps subside, you can use this soil thermometer to figure out when the soil is warm enough to plant vegetable seeds. It also includes temperature ranges for common vegetables. Click here to learn more or ask for it at your independent garden center.

The Large Vintage Floral Rose Temporary Tattoo from the Tattoorary.
Photo used with permission.

Floral Temporary Tattoos ($4-$8 USD) — Show your botanical love on your sleeve. Tattoorary offers many options to choose from, including the Large Vintage Floral Rose Temporary Tattoo, shown above.

Islander Dahlia (Price varies) — Last year I suggested Labyrinth. This year, you need to add the cheery pink Islander dahlia to brighten your garden borders. She'll grow tall and create mammoth flowers, too.

For the philanthropist

Donation to your local public garden — Make a gift in your recipient's name. For a list of public gardens near you, click here.

Still need ideas? Check out the great gift ideas from last year's holiday gift guide.

Please note: Items listed above do not use affiliate links. 


  1. Love the poppies and the head planter.

    1. Yes, that head planter was a win! So glad I have that in my collection now.


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