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Get your diamond drill bits ready

'Micro Food Gardening' moved up to April 6 release date

I can't wait until you have a copy of my first gardening book in your hands. 

The delivery delay is due to global shipping and distribution channel slow-downs related to Covid-19, which has been affecting many authors who have titles being released now through the coming months. Considering everything that has happened with Covid-19 within the last year, this is not bad at all. The good news is that the book IS coming, and I appreciate your patience! I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am! 

While you wait for the 30 fabulous projects in the book, consider adding a packet of a smaller or dwarf edible variety when placing your seed orders. (Look for a plant that will remain 18 inches (46 cm) or smaller when the plant has reached harvest size, as I share in the book.)

And if you have your diamond drill bits in a drawer, get ready to pull them out. There are plenty of projects where you will find them useful! (As you see in this outtake photo taken last spring.)

Needless to say, the preorder thank you gift is now extended through April 5. I've been trying to send them out as fast as the receipt screenshots are shared with me. In case you missed it, here is the link to find out how that works. If you have preordered a copy already, thank you! 🙏🏻


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