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April 11: What's blooming and growing

 It's all about the daffodils! 

The snap pea seeds that I sowed around March 20 are starting to emerge from the soil.

Hey! That bike looks familiar. ☺️ (Can't go wrong with a lettuce bicycle basket.) Instructions on how to create your own are included in my book, "Micro Food Gardening."

The hellebores are still looking great.

The hyacinths have begun to bloom - can't you just smell them?

The plum blossoms are starting to open. 

What else is happening this week in the garden: 

  • Tulips and grape hyacinths continue to emerge from the soil.
  • The epimediums are setting flower buds.
  • I planted out bok choy in containers. 
  • The alpine strawberries are putting out new leaves and look so healthy! They overwintered well in the Eco Garden System (a large container garden). 
  • The glory of the snow are sending out their final blooms. They are short-lived but so pretty. 

Click here for what was blooming and growing last week in the garden.

I garden in Zone 6b. The average cold weather minimum temperature for my growing region is -5 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-20.6 to -17.8 degrees Celsius).


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