Ornamental and edible gardening adventures.

Can I share more good news?

 Publishers Weekly recently posted a great review, which started off like this: "McGuinness, founder of the blog Frau Zinnie, applies as much practicality as imagination to gardening in her clever, energetic debut." You can read the rest here.  

What an exciting time it has been promoting "Micro Food Gardening." Yesterday evening I stopped by my local independent bookstore to sign copies of the book. What an amazing feeling to be in the shop after hours, signing books at River Bend Bookshop. 

I was so lucky to grow up in a "gardening family" and growing plants has become one of my main joys in life. Sharing my gardening experiences and photos on this blog has led to this moment — so thank you for reading the Frau Zinnie blog all these years, and for helping make my first gardening book a reality. 

This is truly the best feeling. <3

Signed copies of "Micro Food Gardening" available at River Bend Bookshop.


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