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Edible Project Idea: 'Performance' Cabbages

Here's a fun new "Micro Food Gardening" project that I have set up on my patio this growing season. It repurposes the empty containers of Cytomax* that my husband uses for his running and marathon training. The containers are tall enough to allow for extra space for the plant's roots and narrow enough to fit on a small tabletop.

What you'll need

  • Empty and clean Cytomax* container (I used the 4.5 pound container - 6.21 x 6.21 x 7.08 inches/15.77 x 15.77 x 17.98 cm.)
  • 1/4 inch (0.635 cm) drill bit
  • Potting soil (I like to use an organic blend.)
  • Dwarf cabbage plants
  • Floating row cover (To protect the plants from the cabbage white butterflies.)

The Steps

Step 1: Wash the inside of the container with dish soap and allow to dry. 

Step 2: Drill a hole into the bottom of the container for drainage.

Step 3: Add your potting soil mixture to the container so it is mostly full (3/4 of the container is filled with soil). Place the small cabbage plant inside and fill in with remaining soil. You will want the plant to sit level with the lip of the container. 

Step 4: Water thoroughly to remove any air pockets that might have formed when potting up the plant. If the soil settles in the container, you can add a bit more at this stage.

Step 5: Place your plant and container in a sunny to part-sun spot. Place the floating row cover on top of the container and loosely tuck the sides underneath to secure it in place. (If you opt for more than one container, you can line them up in a row and tuck the sides underneath at the end.)

Check that your cabbage plant soil remains moist as it grows, and allow for extra room under the cloth for the expanding plant, too. 

Want more creative project ideas for growing food in compact spaces? Check out "Micro Food Gardening," published by Cool Springs Press in April 2021.  The book features 30 DIY project ideas for growing food in the tiniest of spaces!

* This is not a sponsored post. 

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