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Summer guests in the garden

While casually looking out the window, my husband spotted a fox family in our back garden. It was a mother and two cubs, hiding and playing amongst the plants. He called to me, and I tried to take photos through the window. 

They didn't stay long, so we figured they were just passing through. 

A few days later, we realized they had moved into the old groundhog's den underneath our shed. (Finally, my procrastination to fill that hole and fix the fence has paid off!)

Since July 21, we've been enjoying glimpses of the fox family on our Birdsy camera and while out watering the garden. We originally believed they were red foxes, since mom has more red coloring to her fur, but I'm beginning to think they are actually gray foxes


Today, while I was working on the back patio, I felt like I was being watched.

Sure enough, one of the fox cubs was reclining in the sunshine on one of my grow bags (that I use to grow honeysuckle along the shed). 

I slipped into the house to get the camera and long lens, and was able to get several photos before he (she?) slipped back behind the shed. 

I love that I was able to finally get some photos!


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