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Fall migration is underway in Connecticut

Last night was predicting a high migration night for my area in Connecticut, so this morning, I headed over to the local trail to see if any birds stopped here for the day. I wasn't disappointed!

First I found a Common Yellowthroat.

Common Yellowthroat

Then, while following the Black-capped Chickadees, I also found a Least Flycatcher, a Canada Warbler (a first for me!), and an Eastern Phoebe.

Least Flycatcher

Canada Warbler

Eastern Phoebe

I also found a family of Gray Catbirds, who usually spend the summers in our town.

Gray Catbird

When looking for migrants, keep an eye out for the native birds such as chickadees and titmice. The migrators will also follow them around to find the best food sources. (A fun fact from David Sibley!)

Black-capped Chickadee


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