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Make your garden a bird-friendly habitat


Bird-Friendly Gardening is officially available in print and as an eBook! You can access the full list of booksellers here

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What people are saying so far about Bird-Friendly Gardening:

“‘Bird-Friendly Gardening’ is an important read for anyone passionate about coexisting and preserving bird habitats.  I commend the book for prioritizing the well-being of birds and their environments to minimize harm. The book also demonstrates a commitment to ethical wildlife interaction.”

“The emphasis on the significance of snags and dead trees as vital habitats for owls is a message our organization has been shouting from the rooftops for decades!  By advocating for the preservation of these natural structures and encouraging the creation of brush piles to attract prey, ’Bird-Friendly Gardening’ offers practical solutions to support owl populations.”

“The section on being a responsible landowner resonates deeply with our organization. Highlighting the dangers of using rodent poison and advocating for humane trapping methods aligns perfectly with our mission to protect owl populations from harm.”

“In summary, ‘Bird-Friendly Gardening’ offers invaluable insights and actionable steps to create bird-friendly environments while promoting responsible stewardship of our natural world. This book is an essential resource for bird enthusiasts and conservationists alike.”

“As someone who loves birdwatching and gardening, I have to say I fell in love with this charming gardening book.”

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