Week in Review

The calm after the storm.

We did end up losing power 15 minutes after I made my last post. And it didn't come back on until Tuesday at 2:30 a.m. We were part of the lucky CT residents who got power back early. Today, there are still state residents in the dark waiting for damage to be fixed to their homes so the power can come back on.
Neighbor's lilac bush under weight of the snow. (Taken before we lost power Saturday.)
Our front walkway with perennials (The Fairy Rose and Agastache, among others)
bending from weight of the snow. (Taken before we lost power on Saturday.)
Luckily, we fared well in the storm. The first night- Saturday - the winds tossed the trees around our property back and forth. It was dark, and the noise was frightening. Overnight, something hit our roof, and we braced ourselves for damage that luckily never came. Sunday morning, the snow had slowed and I opened the front door to see what waited outside. Six inches of snow clung to our trees and sent them bowing over.
View from the front door.

Our Kwanzaa cherry tree under the weight of the snow.

Our poor pear tree. Luckily, the damage is not as bad as it appeared on Sunday morning!
A little bird surveys the damage.

There was an alarmingly large number of tree damage in our town. Our neighbor's maple tree took a beating-- dropping branches on our roof and suspending an incredibly large one upside down in our yard.
Damaged maple tree branch dangles over our property.

As the snow slowly melted as the week went on, the rapid advancement toward winter and the absence of fall became obvious.

Baptista seed pods on Monday morning.
Hydrangea leaves on Monday morning.
Still, the garden fought on. This unseasonable weather has dampened my spirits as well. Try as hard as I might to get motivated to clean up the yard, rake, cut back plants, and more, my heart is not in it. The season was ripped away.


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