Before the frost

The frost is coming (at 2 a.m. tomorrow, actually) so yesterday afternoon I picked the rest of the pears on the tree. I already have several in a brown bag ripening on my counter from a week and a half ago. Now I have a drawer full in my fridge and a couple that I've handed out to friends along the way. They are large! What a good crop this year!

While I was picking I saw this weird "thing" growing on some of my pear leaves. I was afraid it was a type of fire blight, but after bringing it to my local nursery, I was reassured it was harmless. It's actually a type of fungus. (Just in time for Halloween.) I was told not to compost the leaves.

Mystery fungus.
After work today I'll make the rounds around the yard in covering up plants that need protection from the frost. While I think my mums should be OK, I don't want to take any risks with my Global Warming Autumn Moon mums. They are SO big and the flowers are just about to open! I also picked the last of the tomatoes (lots of green ones) so I'll try to start emptying my planters today, too.

Global Warming mum, Autumn Moon. One of the first flowers to open.

See how large it is!
There's another to match it to the left (not shown).


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