Around the garden

I tried to squeeze in as much time as possible in the garden today. I continued my quest for a black walnut free yard and filled two garbage bags full of the nut husks. (As you remember, I can't compost the black walnut parts because it takes so long for the juglone to deactivate.) I also planted the elderberry tree that I purchased about a month ago, as well as a blueberry bush I purchased earlier in the summer.

I spent most of my time, however, watering established and new plantings. We've had a long period of time without a good soaking rain, so everything is starting to look a little parched. The dryness was most noticeable when I was digging a hole for the elderberry tree. The dirt was so dry! I decided to dig the hole, fill it with water, let it drain and then plant the tree. (It's a good practice I should do more often, but it's a corner I'll cut if I'm in a rush.)

It is due to rain in Connecticut on Wednesday this week, followed by much cooler temperatures. There's even a chance for frost on Thursday or Friday. I have been spoiled by the higher than average temperatures and now I feel as if there is no time to plant all the perennials I've purchased.
Check out this cool shadow on the dragonfly today. I took this photo with my iPhone.
I'm surprised he stayed so still for me - but as soon as I was done he flew away.

It's the last night on the tree for many of these Kieffer pears. Looks like the
temperature is finally going to drop this week.

Pretty sure this is Sheffield Pink Chrysanthemum. 
It's blooming like crazy right now.

The elderberry tree is finally in the ground!
I don't usually post photos of myself on the blog, but this one I couldn't resist. My Upstate Ox Heart tomato seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Library finally produced fruit. (I think the plants didn't receive enough sunlight in the driveway this year, which is why it took so long. Seems to be a theme this year, hm?) I have four tomatoes that were ready for picking. (And actually three that were attacked by a squirrel or other mischief maker- damn!) They are pretty and worth the wait, I'm sure.


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